Tools and services for the calculation of electromagnetic fields of antenna sites

Our services for all aspects of the site approval process create safety and accelerate your planning workflow.

As a service provider, we support you throughout the entire approval process for antenna sites, on the one hand, and provide optimized calculation tools that deliver outstanding speed, especially in the preparation and processing of applications, on the other.

The platform for the calculation of electromagnetic fields

Field.fx, the specialist where the safety of electromagnetic fields is concerned. To ensure that individuals are protected from electromagnetic fields and that limit values are observed, antennas and their fields must be tested for quality and antenna sites need to be approved.

There are two computational procedures for obtaining a site approval: The so-called sector procedure “Sektorenverfahren” and the “Wattwächter” EMF calculation by the Federal Network Agency. Field.fx offers very fast and convenient solutions for both procedures.

Optimizations with Field.fx:

PreCheck using the sector method within one minute

PreChecks based on the sector procedure are created in seconds with our tools by means of a simple table generation with immediate display of the results.


Complex calculation in seconds thanks to preprocessing

We attain the high processing speed for the complex “Wattwächter” procedure by preprocessing the antenna data. This not only reduces the calculation time significantly, but also increases legal certainty, since all possible operating states of the antennas are immediately and comprehensively considered.


Occupational safety calculations that comply with all codes of practice

For employees working in the near field of antennas, safety zones must be determined. Field.fx supports the calculation using all available calculation methods and enables web-based information for workers via QR codes.



"EMFfx is growing up now and becoming a real company!"

Dr. Karsten Menzel

The expertise of EMFfx joins the planning competence of STF Group and together they become Field.fx.
Dr. Karsten Menzel is a physicist and founder of EMFfx and will continue to be responsible for the development of the tool at Field.fx with his indispensable expertise.

Niels Bock, member of the STF Group management, will be in charge of the overall strategic concept and contribute the competencies of the STF Group. The further development of the tool will be driven by the R&D department of the STF Group, which will contribute its expertise from many of STF’s own projects.


Dr. Karsten Menzel

Managing Director


Niels Bock

Managing Director


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